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  1. I noticed something weird.
    On some pages there are groups (to look out for) missing (on the mobile version, for example, there’s a difference between the menu and the categories at the bottom).

    On the phone in the category ‘Groups to Look Out For’, SF9, Kinie.K and The Starz are missing.

    On the other hand, in the menu (Male Groups to Look Out For) there is no M.Joon, N.T.B (or would they be removed since they already debuted?) and V.Hawk, while in the category ‘Groups to look out for’ at the bottom there is.

    Then, on the computer, SF9, Honeyst, M.Joon, N.T.B and V.Hawk aren’t included in the ‘Male Groups to Look Out For’-post.

    And in ‘Female Groups to Look Out For’ (again, on the computer) The Starz is missing.

    Furthermore, it confuses me that there are two posts for both Male and Female groups.
    For instance, there’s one post where Bulldok’s, Red-L’s and Twinkle’s profiles aren’t linked (the one with these things: ~ ~ at the beginning and end of the title) and another where they are.

    Same for the one for the males, except that there are: * * instead.

    Sorry for the long comment. ^^

    • You are correct Kinie.K was missing in the side menu, that is fixed now.

      The starz, M.joon, N.T.B, V.Hawk, have already been moved to debuted, we just forgot to move one page/post.

      Fore SF9 because they are debuting this year, Manwon^^ has already moved their post, but we can’t move the page until we have set date.

      On the discography pages, if a group hasn’t released any albums, pre-debut or otherwise I don’t make a page for them so there would be no discography page for Bulldok, Red-L…and so on. ~James

  2. I thought I had already written a comment on this page, but apparently I didn’t (If it is on another one , I apologise!)
    I wanted to ask: If groups that haven’t debuted yet are on these ‘Look Out’ pages, then why are, for example, A.Daily and Wanna.B here? Again, I’m sorry if I’m just misinformed on this.

    • They are either on the list because A. they haven’t debuted yet or B. I simply forgot to edit the list and move them. Wanna.B I simply forgot to move off the list – A.Daily hadn’t made their debut date clear, since they released an album but never performed for that album.

      • I guess that’s also the case for A.N.D.S and Vividiva?
        Thanks that clears things up a bit. 🙂

    • As a reminder we only accept requests that are posted on the official request page. Its just too hard to keep track of comments left on random pages. If you would like us to make a profile for this group please post again on the request page.

  3. Bloomy is a new trainee group but i don’t know when they debut
    And The Starz also new trainee group

    i hope you add them to list

    *This comment has been edited due to unsourced information*

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