Littles Profile


Littles (리틀즈)

  • Debut (Y.M.D): –.–.–
  • Disbanded (Y.M.D)*: sometime after 2014
  • Label: Nega Network
  • Music Videos (Official Videos): N/A
  • Discography: N/A
  • Fan Club: N/A
  • Symbol: N/A





 Littles' Yerim.

  • Name (Real Name): Shin Yerim (Shin Ye Rim)
  • Hangul:신예림
  • Position: Leader, Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 98.04.05
  • Nationality: N/A
  • Height: 160cm (5ft 2in)
  • Weight: 43kg (94lbs)
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

 Littles' Hanhee.

  • Name (Real Name): Song Hanhee (Song Han Hee)
  • Hangul:송한희
  • Position: Vocal
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 99.05.05
  • Nationality: N/A
  • Height: 170cm (5ft 6in)
  • Weight: 45kg (99lbs)
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Sub-Unit: N/A

 Littles' Haeun.

  • Name (Real Name): Kim Haeun (Kim Ha Eun)
  • Hangul:김하은
  • Position: Vocal, Maknae
  • Birthday (Y.M.D): 99.10.09
  • Nationality: N/A
  • Height: 160cm (5ft 2in)
  • Weight: 43kg (94lbs)
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Sub-Unit: N/A
  • Currently In*: Good Day as HaEun

10 comments on “Littles Profile

  1. Some info! Haeun is now a member of the upcoming 10 membered girl group “Good Day” same name, and same birht date, and looks similar, they have the info about her on Good Day’s official IG @goodday_c9 ( They are under C9 Entertainment. 🙂 )

    • You really need to give us a link for those instagrams, because when I went and made the long instagram list for girl groups I couldn’t find and verify any instagram for them. ~James

  2. Song Han Hee was on the 2016 Duet Music Festival Special that aired on Lunar New Year’s Day (she was paired with Wheein). She was described as a high school student and said she was once part of Littles but was not any more.

    • We’ve suspected that Littles have disbanded for a long time now – but haven’t been able to confirm it – could you send the link to the video you saw this on?
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Honestly, it doesn’t look good to me for their debut. But we’re going to give it a little more time before making any decisions on what to do with them.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I am unable to confirm this. Nega still has them listed as a group. And I am unable to find any announcements from the company or any individual member. If you have a link that shares this information that would be appreciated! We could then move the group to disbanded.
      ~ Manwon^^

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