Disbanded Female

Here is an index of the groups that have disbanded since the founding of our site.

11 comments on “Disbanded Female

    • It makes is sad too, but we are getting our site reasy for the new year and took some time to review all the groups and move the ones that needed moving. Sadly we haven’t tackles the boys yet…and I know that list is going to be getting longer too.
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. What about Gangkiz abd chi chi and other female groups tgat disbanded. How come you dint have them there!?!?

    • We only move groups to a disbanded list if we have already made profiles for them and then they disband. We don’t make profiles for groups who have already disbanded
      ~ Manwon^^

    • If a group disbanded before we started our site then we don’t make a profile for them. There are just way too many groups for us to do those profiles. Our focus is currently promoting groups, and then honoring the first generation groups that paved the way for the current groups. ~James

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