5 comments on “In Regards to Wanna One / Produce 101

  1. I know I don’t comment on the male profiles as much but this is my most anticipated debut all year. ❤

    • Hahahahah, Your’re telling me. Though I wish Minhyun and Sungwoon weren’t in Wanna One because I just want their groups to comeback with their full line-ups. ~James

  2. “At this time we will not be making profiles for the companies that have showcased a handful of trainees and have now made instagrams for those trainees to use, such as HF Music company, RBW, Yuehua etc.”

    Will you eventually make those profiles as soon as the companies will start sharing debut plans?

    • When the groups have actual names and debut seems to be coming close. We try not to make profiles for groups of trainees that may or may not debut. There are too many companies and too many trainees and not a lot of official information given about them. ~James

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