3 comments on “In Regards to BYT

  1. I thought I’d post an update on what’s taken place since! Frientree Entertainment got back to my friend and said that BYT is in no way associated with them and that their only groups are Blity and Bloomy (the latter of which I’m still trying to figure out). MOI’s management has also issued a statement on their Facebook account and notified the BYT accounts and fan pages to delete the information and are looking for information on who’s behind all of this. If anyone knows anything about it, please let them know and report the BYT accounts so we can help them get them taken down!

    Furthermore, BYT stole a third song. The solo song on their account “Closing” by Soojun is not by Soojin at all. It is actually by a soloist called Kim SooJin and it’s really called “Ending”.

    http://www.mnet.com/tv/mv/391 – The music video for “Ending” by Kim SooJin.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9k4nxSro0w – “Closing” from the BYT YouTube channel.

    Hopefully, these accounts get taken down soon.

  2. I noticed when BYT debuted, the song was literally the exact same thing as SIDA’s It You. Not even just the song, but the vocals as well. Taking plagiarism to the extreme.

    • Yes ~ it is very extreme and terrible.

      I also wanted to let you know we’ve seen all your comments we just haven’t been able to get to them yet
      ~ Manwon^^

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