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    • Ha Seng Un is how MNET has spelled his name on their profile page for him. I have typed all of their names as MNET has said that it is spelled. I have never seen Sungwoon spell his own name Seng Un, so I don’t know where MNET got that from, but they have spelled a lot of names differently than you would expect or differently than the member themselves. They did that last year with the girls and with the Boys24 members too. ~James

  1. Hi, little mistake under OUI Entertainment. Daehyeon is the one who was eliminated, Donghan is still on the show!

  2. I have a question, if No Taehyun & Sungwoon are listed as ardor & able trainees, & hotshot is from KO sound, did they leave the group?

  3. maybe you guys will have an answer for me, or have some helpful insight. ive been trying to figure out if jo kyumin is the same jo kyumin that was in alphabat when they were a duo?

  4. can i ask you something ?
    Son Dong Myung (손동명) [M.A.S 0094] – 19
    dong myung is from MAS0094 in there profile you wrote that there company (label ) is : depentend
    but here you said that dong myung is from RBW , so i’m a little confused dose he left the band ? my friend said that but i wanna be sure of this

    • I looked into this when he was announced as a participant on Produce. Son Dong Myung himself is signed to RBW, while the rest of the band is not. The band has been cheering for him on their SNS since MNET posted his profile, so as far as I know he is still a member of the band, but is on leave to do Produce 101 Season 2, just like A-Tom from Topp Dogg, and the NU’EST member. ~James

  5. Nam Yoon Sung and Kim Si Hyun have both left due to health reasons. Also shouldn’t you add that Lee In Soo was in A6P too as Jaguar

  6. I wanted to cry the second I saw the majority of the Nu’est members as contestants, but I’m seriously hoping at least one of them makes it to the final group. They could use that extra promotion after all their company has put them through

    • I just want to know why only Aron didn’t. I’m betting there is some rule that a company cannot send out a full team. Last year Bulldok sent out 4 out 5 of their members. Pledis sent out a majority of the girls who are now in Pristin. Or did Aron just thing it was the dumbest thing to do and refused to do it? Did he draw the short straw and therefore couldn’t go out.

      I would just rather have NU’EST back as NU’EST. Them and a list of about 20 other groups that don’t have enough korean promotions (*coughMRMRcough* *coughMYNAMEcough*)

      • I think it was Pledis that decided not to put him through due to the evil editing that MNET does a lot of and at times Aron can be a bit controversial (like the scandal that happened between him and Seventeen)

      • He was cursing the members out and talking behind their backs, Mihyun told him to stop but he still continued

  7. I swear insoo get’s shorter everytime
    175cm when he was in A6P
    172cm when he was on boys24
    170cm now hahahah

    How tall is he really XD

      • Well height is an important thing in Korea, all the Koreans I know are obsess with their height. expect for one of my guy friends who is just like “Yeah 150cm so what” ahha

        It is now making think if all of A6P heights are true since Insoo was the same height as like 3 of the other guys XD

      • Yeah all of my students here are obsessed with height too, but they would never lie and say they are shorter, they like constantly and say they are taller. One of my students tried to tell me that she was 171 cm which would make her taller than me, but when I made her stand up shes a good 2 or 3 cm shorter than me making her 166ish

      • My boyfriend is Korean, he is tall for a Korean at 184cm, he got measured and is exactly that height. But my best friend Korean too, says he is 165cm, but I’m like only an inch shorter than him, and I was measured at 163cm. I think because Korean girls are picky with heights and also the perfect height is 180cm (5ft 11in) if I’m not wrong in Korea. But they shouldn’t be so fussy on heights. My step brother is 192cm (00liner) and would kill to be shorter ahha

  8. I see some of them are either from an already established group or a disbanded group, this should spice things up slightly. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • It was the same last year, but none of the groups were as seasoned as the NU’EST members. I have mixed feelings about especially the NU’EST members, and some of the currently promoting groups like JJCC and HOTSHOT. I want them to get more popularity but I also want others to make the final group. I’m Personally harcore supporting Wanchul and Insoo and a handful of other new trainees. ~James

      • I’m seriously cheering Insoo, Kim Daniel, wanchul, & a few others on. Insoo deserves to be recognized as long as he keeps working like he has been.

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