28 comments on “Momoland

      • OMO! I’m so sorry but I heard that she’s the leader 🤔☹⚘

      • All we needed was a link where it is actually stated that she is the leader. Unfortunately we do not have time to even watch all of the videos for the groups that we like, let alone trying to watch videos for all 400+ artists that we have on our site. ~James

  1. Taeha was born on: 1998. June. 3
    (When she had instagram she posted her b-day picture with some wjsn members (bc she was still in starship back then))

    • We cannot update that, as she no longer has ig and any screen grab of that image cannot be verified as not tampered with. The group is coming back soon so hopefully the group will give a fuller profile for her, or we just wait a little over a month for the group to post her happy birthday picture, but until then… ~James

  2. Hey I think you’ve posted the Who’s Who page in the discography page… Not that I’m complaining, I just use it for the album covers 😀

    • Sorry but i need talk of this :::: I-REN need a profile
      I-Ren is a girlgroup wirh 4 girls and debuts with “Butt”, with MV for 19+, with the company called “J Company Entertainment”
      Long blonde hair – Leejin
      Short black hair – Boyoung (MY BIAS)
      Red hair – Yoon
      Short blonde hair – Kukhwa

      They only make controversies wherever they go 😥 so sad, 4Ladies of 2016

      Sorry my poor english

      • We try really hard not to promote groups that seem to exist solely to sell sex and create controversy. We had in the past made profiles for some of those groups but it really goes against everything that we stand for as women and as humans. It is possible to be sexy without selling sex, groups like AOA do it all the time. But groups like I-Ren, and Bambino who are known not for their talent or their abilities but purely because they don’t wear underwear or only create controversy around sex is not something that we want to have a part in supporting. ~The Gurus

      • I was also thinking about it, I remember that I have already sent a comment about Bambino but could not create a profile of them, but have you made Laysha and 4L, and then I thought I could do other groups also, but agora understand the point of view of you guys 😦

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