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    • It’s going to take me a little while to update that because it looks like there may have also been a line-up change based off of their teaser release schedule ~ James

  1. isn’t ‘bae jongin’ jongin’s real name? that’s what he has on his instagram so i kind of assumed that was his real name, lol.

  2. I don’t know why I thought ACEMAX BLK were FNC trainees, Lol! It can be SSOOO difficult to dig up good, pre-debut information!!!!! Either I was just confused or I read something from someone else who was, I don’t really remember which now, but..either way…OH WELL!! I’m still really looking forward to their {hopefully}debut, because of pre!SVT former-Pledis trainee MingMing!! ❤ I can not describe the excitement I felt when I finally saw their groupname pop up in the "groups to look out for" list here!!!!<3<3 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! SOO MUCHH!!

    I read recently that Hanwoong actually won't be debuting with the rest of the group after all, but I don't know how true that is or not? :'{

    There's also an ACEMAX girlgroup too? But.. supposedly the girls are only planning on debuting in China for now?? ? Idek. It's really a shame I don't know of any information sites like this one for Chinese or Japanese music anymore, maybe someday there will be a good one that can help fill in the multi-country blanks; I can dream, right!?. Lol

    • I am really excited to for an ACEMAX BLK debut ~
      I can’t find anything that directly states that Hanwoong is out of the group – and there are no new group pictures without him in them as of yet, but I also saw from fan sites that Hanwoong may already be out. So I also don’t know if this is true or not 😦
      There is a girl group ACEMAX RED – and as of now it does appear that they will be debuting in China. I have been keeping my eye on girls to see if they offer any glimpse to debuting in Korea ~
      I wish I could help you with Chinese and Japanese group sites, but I don’t know any sites that are up to date with groups from either country ~ I wish you luck on your search for sites!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Well, I’m sure you’ll update this page/profile and all as usual if & when you know anything more so I’ll just keep checking back here later on! ^_^ Until then, I’ll just keep on looking forward to that debut and hope for the best for aall members!!<3
        ~I'm really amazed every time I visit this site, I don't know how you all do it, putting so much information together and making such an incredible effort to keep it all as verified and soundly factual as possible .. I for one really really appreciate it though, I'd be so lost trying to find information on some groups without this site. FIGHTING!

        Thanks for the luck, I'm probably gonna need it. Lol There USED to be several good sites that stayed up to date with the J-music groups, either by genre or as a general whole, but that was like 7 to 10 years ago…. it makes me kinda sad, because I fell out of touch with basically alll music for a few years a couple years back and it's difficult getting back into some of it again now without those kinds of resources which I clearly took entirely too for granted in the past. And I owe j-music for my ever even finding my way to k-music, and so many other musics, to begin with; it's sad to think that maybe more people don't still seem to value it as much the same as I do. Or that life is maybe just too much in the way for many people now. But here's to hoping, for the future! Trying to have optimism like this is probably good/healthy for me. :-}

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