5 comments on “MASTER LIST

  1. I do not know where I can ask you that so I post it here:
    who’s the boy (possibly which group) on the right side of your banned with the black hair right above the platin blonde girl??

    Thanks in advance!

    • In the diamond shapes are the members of Boys24 from Top to Bottom and left to right they are Oh Jinseok, Hwang Inho (the one you are asking about), Choi Jaehyun, and Lee Louoon.
      The boys and girls in the circles are Produce 101 members, (Somi, Sejong, and Kimi (The platinum blonde from bulldok). and the boys are Park Sungwoo (left side, also known by fans as Tip-toe prince), Lee Insoo (Jaguar from A6P, eliminated boys24 contestant), and Jung Sihyun. ~James

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