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    • Either they were hacked, or they wiped it clean, or instagram is having some issues. It does look like their user name has been changed and someone took their old username already. I am not going to link to any IG account until things get sorted out. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long ~ James

      • Pentagon’s twitter announced that they made a new IG account!

  1. Hello, so I came across this **Removed unofficial source**
    There are their heights and weights. I’m not sure if you’ll take it as official source but I thought I would share it anyway 🙂

  2. I just want to ask if instead of Yang Chang Gu there is supposed to be Yeo Chang Gu? It’s just that I see everywhere his name like Yeo Chang Gu.Anyway I Hope you update Pentagons profile when you have time 🙂
    And also I think you have SF9 in menu twice, just letting you know if it’s not on purpose.^^

    • Thank you! We finally got the Pentagon profile updated ~ it took way longer then I had hoped to be able to sit down and get it done! And it is Yeo Chang Gu – I accidentally read Hong Seok’s last name when I typed in Yeo One’s last name…thank you again!

    • If they end up debuting everyone well add the last three members, but as far as we know having all 10 members is just the hope of many fans and that this is the final lineup ~James

  3. i still hope that cube is going to get their aces together and debut pentagon as ot10….i also read somewhere that if many people goes to their concert the will debut as ot10 but the concert was delayed because cube has many shit things going on….still hoping for the whole group to debut as ot10 because pentagon is not pentagon without one of them missing….i will still support pentagon if they´re going to debut as 7 member group but i´m still hoping for ot10 …. i´m happy that my big baby bias (yutoooooo <3) is still in the group but i´m also sad about the other 3 because i like the whole group and nobody should be missing ^^

    • Honestly…I haven’t watched the show but if the main idea was to eliminate people then what was the point of the show if no1 gets eliminated . I have watched many other Survival programs before this and everything worked out fine. Yes it sucks to have your favorite member cut (ㅠㅠ Minkyun and #Gun) but its the whole point of having a survival show ~James

      • The main idea was pretty sure that all of them should debut when they have their pentagon full…i didn´t watch till the end because i saw one person was out of the group and since then i didn´t watch it because he showed up in other videos from the group but wasn´t in the group that kinda sucks for me….yeah i don´t like survival show but i didn´t think that pentagon was really a survival show…it´s my opinion…it was cube to make pentagon more known before debut but yeah…cube sucks…we all know that the company has some problems -.- i´m still hoping for ot10….but yeah….oh yes….#gun was one of my babys too but i like him since the day he was in a “former pre-debut group” with shownu, wonho and joohoen xD i was so sad when i found out that all 4 of them were in no.mercy…still happy that everyone did his best and #gun had finally his debut 😉

  4. i dont think this is the final line-up for pentagon though . cube havent informed yet if they will debuting them with 10 members or not

    • From what I know the show aired and the final line-up was announced at that time, but many fans want ot10 and that there have been rumors spreading because of that
      ~ Manwon^^

    • You are going to need to link that – cause from what I’ve seen only some fans are throwing a fit about ot10 on instagram, but this is the line-up
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Yes, we know – I have been freaking out over his debut – I have been his fan since SM the Ballad debuted. I just forgot to add the formerly of
      ~ Manwon^^

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