21 comments on “BLACKPINK

    • The problem with that is we ahve no idea if she has New Zealand or Australian citizenship – or if she doesn’t have citizenship in either country
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. somewhere around 9:39 they talk about their blood types and reveal that Rosé and Jennie are B, Jisoo is A and Lisa is O
    *removed unofficial link*

  2. Rose’ was born in Melbourne, she’s a home bread aussie
    Jennie is the one who was born either in the netherlands or korea then spent most of her time in New Zealand

  3. Jisoo (김지수) – Vocal/Visual
    Jennie (제니 김) – Vocal/Rap
    Rosé (박채영) – Vocal
    Lisa – Rap/Dance

    Source: Official facebook

    • YG is such a fun company. I swear he litterally waits for us to post the groups profile before creating the official sites, hahahahah. We got that added now. ~James

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