23 comments on “BLACKPINK

  1. In Knowing Brothers, Lisa (at 17:15) says her real name, which is Lalisa Manoban (*removed*). I’ve seen people saying that her name can also be Pranpriya Manoban, but I don’t know where people heard that from.
    And when they went to the first time to Weekly Idol, in the video (at 3:05) they put “Kim Jennie” written in the screen (it’s written in korean 김제니, you can check it, the editors put it). She confirms some seconds later that it’s her real name. (*removed*)

    • The problem with that is we ahve no idea if she has New Zealand or Australian citizenship – or if she doesn’t have citizenship in either country
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. somewhere around 9:39 they talk about their blood types and reveal that Rosé and Jennie are B, Jisoo is A and Lisa is O
    *removed unofficial link*

  3. Rose’ was born in Melbourne, she’s a home bread aussie
    Jennie is the one who was born either in the netherlands or korea then spent most of her time in New Zealand

  4. Jisoo (김지수) – Vocal/Visual
    Jennie (제니 김) – Vocal/Rap
    Rosé (박채영) – Vocal
    Lisa – Rap/Dance

    Source: Official facebook

    • YG is such a fun company. I swear he litterally waits for us to post the groups profile before creating the official sites, hahahahah. We got that added now. ~James

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