14 comments on “Gugudan (Gx9)

  1. Sejeong (Kim Se Jung) 세정 has produced a single album … you can download the single payment by iTunes and / or download it for free by at least a dozen Internet sites that give you the ability to download and listen Korean music !!! There are at least two official MV of the artist, readily available, if not three … how do you compare this to the SM project [STATION] which can be found exclusively on SMTOWN official youtube channel?!?! … MAH !!! … If you don’t want to add it in the artist’s discography and add in her biography the words “solo” just because the artist is over your cock, there is it on the cock just do it and, much more simply, because the site Internet is ours and we do and we decide how we like, then it is another matter … but the fact remains that you have no reason and enough !!! see you, guys !!!

    • Your comments are beyond offensive here. I don’t know which name you would like me to call you Maurizio or Mao77, but we are not having any more of it. If we even so much as have a comment we THINK is from you we are deleting it. You don’t know when to quit and I am tired of being harassed and I am tired of my friend feeling harassed. So kindly take your comments else where, if you don’t like how we run things you don’t have to use our site. We have many wonderful commenters and wonderful kpopinfo114ers here on this site and we wouldn’t be where we are without them. We appreciate our kind, sweet supports, we don’t need one negative one to continuously harass us because you don’t agree with our decisions.
      This is the last time we respond to the trolling.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • She is promoting on music shows which call it “debut stage”, so it isn’t exactly the same as SM Station but yeah, I understand why you would be hesitant to count it as solo debut.

      • SM Station artists also released songs that many labeled as debut. But this is part of a project so it is not part of her discography, but part of the project.
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Thanks for quick reply! I guess Jelpi just one-upped SM by promoting their project song on shows 😛

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