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    • I saw that yesterday when their facebook changed their name. I wanted to wait a day or two because the IG and Twitter were still Boys24. They are teasing for their debut now, and rather than do 5000+ little updates, its just easier if everyone has a little patience and I can update everything in one big update. But trust me, I am so freaking excited for theme. ~ James

    • Supposedly they are going to continue eliminating members until they are down to a final 6. But the show is over, and we’re not sure when the eliminations will take place now. These are the members that survived the program though. ~James

    • Yellow Unit didn’t win…they are MVP for the show…now the 24 boys who won the show will have a year to perform together as a group. During that year more members will be cut until there a group of 6 boys left. Those six boys will debut in a permanent group.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • The show is over now ~ but Sangmin did leave, they will bring back one person to replace him and have four backup “members” incase any of the others drop out over the next year of competition during their live promotions and performances

  1. For the white units Youngdo it’s supposed to be Youngdoo/Youngdu just wanted to point that out 🙂 I also really love this whole website it helps me learn more groups and stuff

    • That video will only be on their discography until the group actually debuts, so we aren’t actually considering it part of their discography – so once the show is over we are taking it down – thus we are not capping a video that is not part of the discography
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. I think you have the two jingyus (there’s one in red team and one in green team) the wrong way around. The Jingyu in the green unit should be the one born in 01 and the one in red unit should be the one born in 94.

  3. Hi, I want to correct something. The both Jinkyu are swapped, Shin Jinkyu is supposed to be in Green and Tak Jinkyu in Red. Thank you! :–)