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  1. You need to move Mixx to the disbanded section ☺️ I’m so sad about them, they had so much more to give to us..

      • It’s an awkward situation though. Because they are disbanded in Korea but active im China. The Chinese members are still MIXX in China, Will Mia and HeeU are no longer part of the group. Arie even released a solo song in China as part of Mixx if I’m not wrong.

      • If you could give me a source to show that they are still active in China, then MIXX technically isn’t disbanded, just like A-Peace and Naughty Boys or Tasty. What I will do is move them back to the regular profiles, move Mia and HeeU to former members, and then change their status to Inacticive in Korea. ~ James

      • Replying to the post by Nara.

        Mixx is disbanded officially! The chinese company they were co managed by I think folded or something, but Arie went solo in China. Liyah and Hanna aren’t doing anything related to the group

  2. They disbanded?! They just ended their promotions for their last song too!! Omg I’m so sad, I loved them so much ;(

    • It was a problem between the Korean and Chinese governments that made it hard for the group to continue and the Chinese companies pulled the girls and their funding so the group disbanded
      ~ Manwon^^

      • I heard it was a THAAD issue ;/ I don’t know why China is so jealous of Kpop’s fame to the point they had to ban K Entertainment in China, that’s so immature tho ;/ and we lost Mixx because of it uff so saddd

      • It’s not a jealousy thing the governments of the two countries are having political problems due to THAAD and economically the government of China issued a ban – a very common strategy within political dealings
        ~ Manwon^^

  3. Hey guys, no pressure i know you guys are busy, but just letting you know there’s news about MIXX:

    Henny left and 2 new members Heeyu and Mia got added.

    Their other official Twitters:

    • I am going to need a source for that – I can’t find any information on that change happening on their official sites, so a link would be very helpful! Thank you!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • That is too far away, and the girls aren’t labeled, so all we can do is base it off of looks, which we do not do. We need an article or some statement. And OneHallyu is not a source as that is made purely by fans, and not sourced to anything official. ~James

      • According to this tweet from their official Japanese account, it’s really Heejae joining them, under a new stage name Heeyu: