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  1. for some reason there was a lyric video called cherry blossoms fade by I.O.I but im really confused is it one of their debut songs like crush

    • That song was originally performed in the final episode of produce 101 and was written ny Jinyoung of B1A4. After the final lineup was determined the song was recorded and added to the chrysalis album. We have just translated the song title differently. We also don’t include lyric videos even if they were released officially.

  2. Please also enter the first video of the band, thank you so much !!!

    Fix it the second video “Crush”, thank you very much !!!

    and add the real Official Youtube Channel of the band “PRODUCE 101 – I.O.I – 아이오아이” … it’s not this “CJENMMUSIC Official” but this :

    *Edited to remove unverified link*