20 comments on “D.I.P

  1. Sangwoo, Insu, Wontak and Seunghyuk are no longer members of D.I.P 😦 They just sent a tweet out on their official twitter 😦

    • Well that’s terribly disappointing – the only reason I was even interested in D.I.P is gone now!!!!
      Thanks for sending that one their page is updated!
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. Is Inter BD Entertainment a new Entertainment? I looked it up on Youtube and couldn’t find it 😞😞😕😕😕

      • I don’t know if they are a new company but I’m pretty sure they merged with Haeun entertainment (Lose Control’s and Sunny Days’ company),Lose Control disbanded but Sunny Days’ name is at Inter BD website so

    • While it probably is his birthdyear, but for all we know he could really like the number 96. For years I used the number 23 on everything because that was my soccer number and my dad loved Michael Jordan. The number 23 is nowhere in my birthrate. ~James

      • Lose Control didn’t actually ever debut and disbanded before their debut so technically wouldn’t that mean you wouldn’t add Lose Control for any of the members that were in Lose Control? Just saying since technically they didn’t debut so technically it would be training period for all of them. Yeah they did busking and street performances but they didn’t debut debut

      • We didn’t add formerly of for any of them, instead added “Also See” because we had already made the profile for the group and for the members where were set to debut in the group up until the time the group was no longer a thing. We did the same thing for the In4mal members who are now in Afos. We only do that when we make a profile for lookout groups and the last current line-ups that we know of and then the group doesn’t actually happen, because we don’t delete any group profile pages. ~James

      • Okay so I can’t reply to your other comment but that makes sense that you said See Also but then shouldn’t you say “See Also: Pure Boy” for Sangwoo and Insu cause they weren’t in Pure Boy when Pure Boy debuted but were in the group pre-debut so technically trainee period.

      • Okay so that does make sense. I’ve always been curious how you guys determine what would be what so this is pretty cool to now.

        Also just as a heads up I don’t know for sure but Suhan might not be in the group anymore and I’m just basing this off of that he wasn’t in the last few group photos and he wasn’t at the busking event but this guy named Kim Jong Jin was with them. I’m not saying you need to take him off of the profile or even say anything. i was just giving you a heads up haha.

      • We’ll definitely keep an eye out on that! I have only ever seen Su Han’s name hashtagged on their insta and facebook, but the pictures are a week-ish old. And since we discussed how we determine who is a former member or not we’ll add that to our FAQ page to hopefully clear it up for other people too^^
        ~ Manwon^^

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