12 comments on “Male Instagram Accounts

    • The company only promotes the official twitter account. I have not been able to verify any Astro account on Instagram. There are so many fake accounts that do a really good job of convincing people that they are official, and we are very wary of spreading fake accounts, so unless we can confirm an account we don’t add it. ~James

  1. Hi, I noticed that the username for Red of M.Pire’s instagram is spelled wrong. Red’s instagram account is guored1204 (it’s also misspelled in the link)
    Thanks for making this list (and including not so well known groups like M.Pire on this list!)

  2. I’m just here to say that all members of DAY6 deleted their personal accounts and now they only have the group account (@day6kilogram)

    • hahahah, not sure how I forgot that, considering I’m kinda Bangtan (*coughjungkookcough*) obsessed. I am probably just so obsessed I wanted to keep them all to my self hahahahhahahahha 😄 ~James

  3. Thanks so much for this compilation! Now it’s so much easier to find and follow our idols! Hope you guys will update this post regularly for any future rookie groups.

    Also might I add Kris’ (formerly from EXO) account: galaxy_fanfan and Monsta X’s group account: official_monsta_x. Kris’ account isn’t verified but it has been his personal account from the start. As for Monsta X, it’s not verified either but I’m pretty sure it’s their official group account.

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