15 comments on “LPG / Chaness

  1. I don’t think Riwon is a former member of RaNia. However, Jieun is currently a trainee under DR Music and will likely debut in RaNia soon. That means Jieun is not a member of LPG anymore.

    • Riwon was in Rania I read the Korean news articles about the announcement of her joining the group. Her time with them was short though.
      And as for Jieun, unless you have an official source stating that she is a trainee there I can’t do anything about her position in the group. Granted I do believe LPG disbanded a while back and that is when Riwon joined Rania and then left Rania.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Netizens speculated that Riwon joined DR Music, but the company denied these claims. The person who actually showed in interest in Rania was Jieun (the mixed up the members). Just look at Jieun’s instagram, she has plenty of pictures with Hyeme & Seulji. Not to mention she has been performing with RaNia for months now:

        She isn’t official member yet, but she is a fan-favorite and many fans think she will be added to the group. This does confirm that she is no longer a member of LPG.

      • Riwon was announced in a few different news articles to have joined Rania – James found one article on it, and I found a few more later, the articles are in Korean from sources that I find pretty reliable. As for Jieun like I said we will get to it when it is announced – and I am pretty sure LPG is disbanded – so we won’t move Jieun to former members yet – if LPG disbanded she was probably in the group when it disbanded.
        ~ Manwon^^

  2. I think Jieun left LPG. She is currently a trainee under DR Music and there’s tumors that she will debut with RaNia when they make a comeback. 🙂

  3. YAY! You got the profile up, thank you so much you guys are amazing!!! When will we be able to request? I have two that I’d really like to request and their profiles should’t be a pain

    • you’re welcome, it was a team effort to get this profile up – Katie did most of the research, I helped get everything pulled together and put up^^
      I don’t know when we’ll open requests again. I have a short vacation right now, but soon I won’t have time again – so it just depends on how busy my work gets after vacation.
      ~ Manwon^^

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