24 comments on “KNK

    • It does appear to be their official Japanese account – their official Korean twitter follows the Japanese twitter which is linked to the official Japanese site and that site links to the instagram account you linked here.
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Well, the twitter accounts aren’t working, I think they deleted them
    And they’ve just released an album called Gravity and a MV called Sun, Moon, Star

    • Sometimes I really hate wordpress. I updated all of that the day Gravity was released, but apparently WordPress decided not to save any of that. ~James

      • I was hesitating as well whether it was verified or not but I saw that some AOA members are following it, if that’s not enough then it’s okay i’ll keep an eye on it until he updates it X)

      • It may be him, but right now there is just too little to go off of. I am going to follow the account and see if I can verify it later. ~James

  2. THEM TO SHORT!! hahaha.. I very surprise with Heejun born date.. It same with my date .It the same day, same month,same year and same time(maybe XD) haha… and I just 1cm difference T^T T^T …

  3. Kim Jihun he is leader and main dancer
    Park Seungjun he is rapper and visual
    Kim Youjin he is main vocal and oldest
    Jeong Inseong he is vocal
    Oh Heejun he is Makne vocal and rap

    Fanclub offica; Tinkerbell

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