30 comments on “BaBa / Pureum

    • Until the company gives us more than that picture and a very low quality polaroid set of the members we can’t really update anything. We’ll keep an eye out for info. ~James

    • Byul Ha is the only former member of Baba that I can find with even close to that name…there’s no information that there was ever a member named Byeol Ah…and the source you sent is broken, and also not an official source
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. Wow, big lineup change! At least Pureum and SeoAe are still in the group. And it’s nice to see Jinri still active. I’m surprised Pureum isn’t the leader though.

    • They posted a picture on facebook just 17 hours ago – the group is still only 5 members – I am assuming that the dancer on the show is just a place keeper for the dance
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. So wait, is the Somi in the Catch Me music video still in the group? And they’ve had 3 members with the name Somi. I’m confused

    • It is super confusing the Somi in the Catch Me music video is the the Thai member who fans also called Bimby. She has left the group. I have no clue why Somi’s keep leaving or why they keep giving the new members the stage name Somi.

      So Choi BoMi was the first Somi who recorded their debut single, though we don’t know when she left.

      She was replaced by Somi/Bimby who is in the Catch Me MV.

      SoMi / Kim Hye Won was just added to the group in min Feb.

      I hope that clears things up a bit. ~ James

    • I don’t think Choi Bo Mi ever even promoted with Baba, if she did he left very shortly after their debut ~ for almost 6 months is has been Somi/Bimby and not Bo Mi and now there’s a new Somi

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