28 comments on “Queendom (formerly: Sixth Sense)

  1. in Heejae’s Instagram bio it has Korean which is Lee Heejae; I presume that’s her full name. in Jiyul’s I think it says she’s the leader of the group??

    • She might be, they look similar-ish to me but without more information about either girl we can’t say “Yes, they are the same” or “no, they aren’t” ~ James

      • I have been doing some digging, and they do appear to be the same, but I am not going to update that info until after Manwon^^ returns since I have added Ramisu to our list of profiles to do after her hiatus ends ~ James

    • From what I can see Highcolor is a dance team and not an actual girl group. If I am wrong and they debut after Manwon^^ returns we’ll add a profile for them. ~ James

    • She is out, I found an announcement on their facebook from Dec. 7th stating that she is out now. Thank you for pointing this out to us! We did get it updated sadly
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Wait, is it really a whole new line-up? Every 1st gen left? This.. this is weird. This is happening a LOT to new groups these days. I’m actually kind of sad over this one, I was anticipating Sixth Sense since last year.. but that’s K-Pop for ya. You never know what to expect.

    • Once we complete all of the requests well reopen the requests. It’s difficult because we eant to have them open at all times but there comes a point when there are too many requests and no time to complete them but we are doing our best. ~James

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