40 comments on “Queendom (formerly: Sixth Sense)

  1. Just a heads up but I think Miel is out, she unfollowed Heejae, Jiyul and Queendom and they’ve unfollowed her. 😦

      • You would think that switching companies would be a good thing for artists, but 9/10 times when they switch companies, we never hear from them again.

      • Still, you’d think if a company went through all the hassle of taking them over they’d at LEAST promote them for just one song. And if their old company was struggling financially, the new company could afford to manage them better. Alas, that is not the case 😦

      • Hi, if you’re referring to Queendom switching agencies, I heard that An-J was basically Up under a new name, maybe like INNOK being Kconic? But I feel sorry for Queendom, Sixth Sense was little known but Queendom seems to be completely unknown. I really hope they can promote more in the future. The best example is probably Cupid though. Ever since they moved to Narda, all they’ve gotten is a collab single and a Christmas cover EP and even then, they haven’t had a comeback since 2016.. and even then, they’ve had maybe 2 concerts in the past year.

  2. in Heejae’s Instagram bio it has Korean which is Lee Heejae; I presume that’s her full name. in Jiyul’s I think it says she’s the leader of the group??