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  1. YouRi redebuted in a new group called Blah Blah under FAB Ent. with the single “Good Job”.

    Her IG is: _you_ri_

    Just a heads up 🙂 I’m glad to see her back, she has a pretty voice.

    • I know about the song, and I will update their information soon. I do believe that Backjo is out, since her IG is not listed on their daum cafe, but I did message their facebook manager to see if they will give me a yes shes out or otherwise. ~ James

      • Thank you for letting me know! It’s sad, almost the entire original lineup is out. 😦 “It’s You” was nice but they really messed up by not promoting it.

      • I did not miss it, I just don’t update on the weekends much because I like to try and enjoy my free time by not sitting at my computer all day long. I will cap it when I can. ~James

    • According to SWITCH’s fancafe, Doyoo from Switch is now using her real name and will be ICIA’s new member. However I still can’t find any information about weather or not Backjo has left, or if there have been any other changes in ICIA’s line-up, but I will be keeping an eye on it. ~ James

      • I wanted to mention that but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t have a source so I wanted to make sure before I did. 🙂 Also, from what I’ve seen, I believe Backjo is out but since they’re supposed to come back soon, we should know for sure soon. Eventually, ICIA will update their profiles if we’re lucky and the line-up will be confirmed.

        I gave up on Switch. I can’t follow the members, I can’t even tell who’s in or out. Yesterday, DAM posted a photo of a six member Switch. I follow all the members and am usually an avid Switch fan but a new IG was tagged along with the other 5 members: lovelyje_s2. I can’t even tell if this is a new member or someone opened a new IG. :/ DAM Entertainment is confusing..

      • Lovelyje_s2 is Sarang’s IG and I do believe that she is a new member, and that that Minji is out since she her IG is not listed anymore on their cafe, but because Switch is such a mess I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say that yes she is out because that is also the groups concept to switch in and out. I moved Doyoo because they actually made an announcement about her. I do agree that Backjo is also probably out, but like you said the whole company is just a giant clusterfuck unless you are in their boy group. I’m all for supporting these small groups from small companies but when you have 800 line-up changes in a year I just can’t handle it. ~James

    • This whole company is a mess, i hate DAM entertainment, we can’t do anything based off of a picture or someone changing their Instagram, as we have said many times before. The group says that they are coming back soon, so hopefully they make an announcement that she is out or that she is ill or that they have a new member, but until then. ~ James

      • Yeah, it’s frustrating because Hari also changed her instagram, but I’m pretty sure she is still in the group.

  2. I really hoped they would stay together. They were such a good formation or something like that. But I hope they won’t disband, because they are really good. Great Vocals (Leeae) and two great rapper, with charisma in my option (Backjo and Suna). They’re littarly my Ultimate Bias group omg. Hopefully they won’t disband and will get some love 😡

    • I don’t know when she left, the company simply told me she left. You can be convinced that she was in Black Queen but until we are we are not going to update that information. ~James

    • it is possible that they are the same girl, but with how common Hyuna is as a real name and stagename unless she says something we will probably never know for sure ~James

      • Actually, that is very possible, when HyeonAh was first introduced in SIDA, she went by HyunAuntil the ICIA relaunch 🙂 There may be posts on Daum where she was called HyunA, but I can’t access it and their Facebook’s reset 😦

      • I can’t give you an “official source” about them, but I can confirm they surely are. I’m an Icia fan so I’ve watched thousands of live performances of them, including fancams and I can confirm Hyeonah and Hyuna are the same person and you can tell it by her facial expressions and traits. Same thing for SunA (or Sun Ha) who can be clearly seen in this professional video (she’s the one with long pants and brown hair with no bangs singing at 0:31) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3vT0JpdwNY. And I also did a research and found this great post about the members in Black Queen and both are mentioned.

      • We never claimed that they were different people – a change of spelling in a stage name is not a change of stage name. So, we have never felt the need to update the profile with the fact that they spelled the same name differently – both Hyeonah and Hyuna are pronounced the same and SunA and Sunha are prono