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    • The official sources I have seen state his name is Kim HwiYoung – he may have had a legal name change, which we never give their birth names if they have decided to change their name ~ we respect the name change they have decided on
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. if you stop the video at 3:49 you can see that JaeYoon wrote at the nationality section of the certificat ”Korea”
    Zuho as well if you stop at 6:58
    Taeyang as well at 11:41
    I soomed in to see if it really states Nationality

  2. i’m not sure if this counts as an official source but it’s right out of his mouth LOL
    dawon says his real name is sanghyuk at 1:13

  3. i’m confused ;-; are they gonna be a normal kpop boy group or they’re gonna be like a dance team?? i don’t know much about them, i just saw some news about them and got curious

    • They are a boy group ~ it was a competition between the dance unit and a band unit ~ the dance unit won, so they will be FNC’s first boy group that isn’t a band…so they called them a dance team to differentiate that they aren’t a band.

      • ok, now it makes sense. i’m very uneducated when it comes to survival shows/competitions xp i’ve never accompanied any, so i only get to know that some group is going to debut because of the news sites and whatsoever. thank you ^ ^

    • FNC is known more for their Band Groups. FTISLAND, CNBLUE, N.Flying. Even AOA is made up of a band though their dance performances are where they became famous. FNC held a completition between two groups of male trainees…the Dance team who will be more like the traditional kpop group or another group of trainees who would be in a band.