13 comments on “N-Bulance

  1. I think RUI is in a new girl group called H.U.B. HUB was hired to backup dance for Hwang Insun. I think that is why she got her solo debut

    • Unfortunately we don’t accept fan cams for our site for information – especially performance fan cams where it isn’t 100% certain that they are the same person, or just look very similar.
      And when it comes to members leaving groups or not we are much more careful to make sure we can confirm that they are in fact the same person – we do take looks and name in to consideration, but without more information than just that we can’t actually confirm anything.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • As stated earlier – we don’t make changes based on name and face only…we need more than that, which is why we don’t accept fan cams.
        And while it definitely does seem that it is Rui, we don’t make assumptions based on those things alone, we need birthdays to match or something else, like her stating she trained at New Planet for it to count.
        Too many idols look too similar and take on the same stage names that it’s hard to say with 100% certainty that it is the same person when all we have is their name. I hope you can understand that we need more to update the page – we pride ourselves on having as official and confirm-able information as possible.
        ~ Manwon^^

      • That would be awesome^^ I look forward to getting the information! I will be on the look out for more too ~ so hopefully together we’ll know much more soon!
        ~ Manwon^^

    • One of the memebers that was in the group is now in SUS4. Because N-Bulance hasn’t debuted she is not a former member so we have removed her profile from this page. ~James

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