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  1. at the The Unit profiles Jeup’s hight is 170cm and his weight is 54kg

    Taeho is listed as 170cm and weight as 56kg

    Jian is 174cm and 57kg

    Ungjae is 174cm and weight is 57kg

    so except for Ungjae everyone’s height is 2cm less than usual..

    • This is why heights and weights are such a freaking pain, because they very from source to source. I am going to update it because on all of IMFACT’s sites their heights and weights are not listed, but if they were and they were different, I would stay with their sites over the site for the program ~ James

      • Yeah weight is always something that varies while height is usually set as a grown up..
        well measurement mistakes can occur and it is revealed that you can shrink about 5cm a day because of the water in your spine gets pressed out over the day..

    • The group does have an instagram account, but I cannot verify the Jeup account and I don’t believe that it is official. the pictures almost always either have no description or just 제업. ~ James

    • Where did you read this? The group just posted about their Japanese fan meeting on Sept 30 and Oct 1 on their daum cafe 7 hours ago. I know the group is in talks to possibly join KBS new program the UNIT but that doesn’t mean they disbanded. I have seen nothing that says they disbanded. ~ James

  2. what I just saw:
    on Imfact’s profile section of the homepage it is stated Jian is born on the 8th november, not 6th

  3. In this video Jian said he’s the leader and a rapper, Ung Jæ said he’s too a rapper, Tæho said he’s a vocalist, Sang said he’s too a vocalist, Jeup said he’s too a vocalist

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