19 comments on “Girls Girls

  1. Aryeong supposedly deleted her Instagram and the GIRLSGIRLS official Instagram unfollowed Aryeong 😭😭😭she may be on her way out, or she may just have deleted her Instagram, either way I’m freaking out ;/

  2. Gyu is definitely out now, they’re making a comeback without her and she hasn’t been promoting with them for several months now.

      • They have had that as their cover photo for a while know. Many people believe that Gyurang is out but the group made a statement that she was taking some time off to deal with an injury or health issues. For now we are not going to move her to former member unless there is another announcement from the company stating that she is out, or if the group makes a comeback without her it will be much more likely that she is truly out. For now we have to go off of what the company is telling us.

  3. I just looked on the official Girls Girls Facebook page and they’re talking of celebrating a birthday. The next birthday according to you guys is Bo Ri on 3/19. The page has Miso’s picture under the birthday announcement. You have her birthday as February. The post was made two hours ago. Can you please verify since I can’t read Hangul well.

    • Its a post announcing an event for Bo Ri’s bithday as well as Girls Girls’s 100 Day anniversary. I don’t know why they posted a picture of Miso with the post. Miso’s birthday is definitely Feb 4, if you scroll far enough down you will see them celebrating her birthday. ~James

      • Yeah that’s what I had thought I usually am very accurate with birthdays and I had posted Miso’s birthday back in February. Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the excellent work

    • While we appreciate your enthusiasm for trying to help us have the most up-to-date information on both Ye-A and Girls Girls, especially in the case of Ye-A nothing official has ever been announced on any of Ye-A/Kiroy/Shinhoo’s official sites outside of the removal of profiles for girls who we have already listed as previous members. There is absolutely nothing we can do to update either page. ~James

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