29 comments on “Bulldok (on Hiatus)

  1. They disband all the information in their Facebook about bulldok have been replaced by information about a girl group called A.Z.M and the photos too been replaced

    • When A.Z.M was announced the comapany made a statement that for now they are going to focus on A.Z.M and but that bulldog may or may not still be a thing. With only 2 members the group was being “temporarily suspended” while the members pursued solo activities which is why they are listed as being on hiatus. Is this “hiatus” likely permanent yes. But for now their profile will stay as is

    • The original article and soompis translation both say they have “Temporarily Suspended”. and the group is going to focus on solo activities rather than group activities. And like I already said earlier; even though typically that does mean a disbanded but we don’t want to use the word disbanded, because Kconic ent/INNOK ent have undergone such a major change I am going to wait a little bit and see what happens after AZM debuts, if they try to bring Bulldok back with new members or see if Kimi or Genie as the only two remaining members say anything about disbanding. ~ James

    • I did find the announcement on INNOK’s facebook, and there it says that the group is only on a “temporary hiatus”, and though most often that does mean a disbandment I am going to wait a little bit and see what happens after AZM debuts, if they try to bring Bulldok back with new members or see if Kimi or Genie as the only two remaining members say anyting about disbanding. ~ James

  2. Kconic changed their Facebook page name to INNOK Entertainment. I can’t tell if this affects Bulldok (or if this would be the agency they’re under now?) but the page is also now promoting their upcoming girl group AZM which is set to debut next month.

    Ugh, this isn’t looking good for Bulldok. This is ridiculous though, they need to handle the girl group that’s already falling apart. :/


    • I don’t know what is going to happen to Bulldok, but from what I know from being a teacher here, but if a school changes ownership or name the teachers especially the foreign English teachers are supposed to sign new contracts. I don’t know if that is the same in the entertainment industry. But I have suspected that Kconic was just going to let Bulldok fizzle out, and from what it seems on facebook, that seems to be exactly what is happening. I’m not surprised that they suck at managing their groups, most companies suck at managing more than one group, but they have to almost because otherwise their artists either get overworked more than usual or they company doesn’t make money. Every company even from the big 3 seems to have at least one forgotten artist that rarely gets promotions. ~ James

      • It’s the same in the entertainment industry. Last year Kidoh talked about how when Stardom was turning into HUNUS how all the members of Topp Dogg had to sign new contracts and he refused, which was why he left.

      • That’s what I figured, it wouldn’t make sense if it was only is some professions and not in others. Though I think Bulldok is done, as of 3 days ago Kimi was still hashtaging Bulldok on IG, but recently she has been taking picture with 3 unknown girls and Genie seems to be out as well. With the company changing names I I don’t know what is going to happen with Kimi and the group, if they had 7 trainees and 3 are joining bulldok and the other 4 are becoming AZM. All I can find is that Bulldok fans are very annoyed with the company for not being clear on what is happening. ~ James

    • Without an announcement from the group there isn’t really anything I can do with just a post on her IG. It seems likely that that could be the new line-up since they can’t easily continue with just Kimi or just Kimi and Genie, but until its confirmed by the company or group…~ James

  3. That’s not Say’s IG this is
    @sssay_p I saw it under the accounts that their company follows,the one you have for her is a old account probably

    • That is exactly what happened, she changed her id and someone else took over her old id. Happens all the time with idols, which is why i regret every trying to find them. TT_TT