30 comments on “VAV

    • Its a massive Clusterf*** because when he initially came back for “Here I Am” the company said he would come and go, but up until his return in the MV he was absent, yet the company still followed him on IG. Then he returned for the video but then disappeared again, this time with no explanation. The company still followed his IG. Then suddenly yesterday after announcing the 3rd and final new member he is unfollowed by the company and removed from their homepage. I have tried reaching out to the company and so have other concerned fans but the company hasn’t responded, and if they aren’t going to tell the news why would they tell us in PMs. Because of the way the company has acted in the last 48 hours we have moved Xiao. ~James

  1. Yoonho that was a trainee for no.mercy/mosta.x survival show is now a new member.. his name is ayno it says on both vavs twitter and Yoonhos instagram

    • That had not made it to the top of my FB newsfeed yet, it’s a shame but hopefully he achieves great success as an actor, which is what he wants to do. ~James

  2. I believe you forgot to add “No Doubt” to the Music Videos Section, because that is the new music video they released :3

    • We had seen that, I wish the group had been clearer from the start so that we could have avoided all of this confusion. However when we had seen it we were out and about and couldn’t work on the website. It has been updated now, thank you! We do hope that everything works out for Xiao and his family ~James

  3. Xiao left so he can go back to China to be with a critically ill relative or parent. (Left the group)

    • As far as I know his name has not been released yet, though I know he appeared on their episode of VAVProject – his name wasn’t released there. And while he is being introduced for the first time, VAV was always a 7 member group just with a mystery member. Do you have an OFFICIAL source where his name was released? If we can verify it from an official source I would be happy to add it, but without an official source I can’t add his name.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Yes, I knew they were doing a fan poll. I myself personally voted for Vamps which they changed to Vampz because (I am assuming) of the rock band named The Vamps.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Hehe, I don’t know where they were even doing the poll or even knew it existed haha, my friend on IG told me ^.^, and yea! I heard that that name was already made for something else! Yea, I never knew it was a rock band, haha! Are you gonna change the Fan Club thing from N/A to Vampz? ^.^, I didn’t see it changed so I commented haha ^.^, also, Do you have a bias in VAV? 😀 ^.^

      • We got it changed, we just have so much else to update as well so it just took us some time. I don’t yet have a bias in the group as I don’t know their personalities, though St. Van is visually the most attractive in my opinion. ~James

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