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  1. Jae Hyeok is now in boy group called 14u and taich , shinwoo and euijung are now in boy group called Blanc under jackpot ent

    • Right now requests are closed. We are trying to get our site all situated for 2017. Please wait to tell us about groups we do not have profiles. The sooner we can get that done the sooner we can open requests, then you will be able to make requests. ~James

  2. On Shinwoo, Taichi, and Euijung’s Instagram, they have the word “blanc” before their username. I think “blanc” is a new group? Do you think M.Crown changed their group name to “blanc”?

  3. ruan, jaehyeok, and laon have left the group and have added three new members, shinwoo (ig: shinwoo_1022) euijung (ig: _qkqhdmlwjd) and taichi (ig: teech_kkk)
    i dont really have a source other than their instagrams, as its just what ive noticed there, so i hope that the igs are enough

    also the font color for the comment box is super hard to read on the blue background!

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