13 comments on “Snuper

  1. http://snuper.kr/
    Btw snuper has besides the entertainment site their official homepage as well…
    you can get to it when you click on the snuper icon on their profile at the entertainment’s homepage..
    Hope you understood what I’ve meant

  2. *Removed*
    well I can’t find this music video on snuper’s official channel but they released an MV making for this on their official channel..
    Just not the MV
    But it’s an official MV ^^”

    • The description in that MV says “공모전” which means contest, and nowhere does it say Official MV. Also if SNUPER, 1TheK, Bugs, Genie, CJEN, never released the MV and its not listed as an MV on any music site, nor is it listed on their homepage. I do not believe this is an official MV but rather a fan made MV for some contest. ~ James

  3. Again because my comment seemed to vanisehd somehow, I commented a few days ago and mentioned that WooSungs birthday is on the 27th of September to which you did agree, but still, here is written the 24th of September. Would be nice if that get corrected 🙂

    • His birthday is September 24th which it says on the picture that you linked to us which is posted on their facebook and daum cafe. I had missunderstood your question completely and when you had posted the first time it was on the 24th. (I mistakenly thought it was still september, and though it was his birthday that day, oops on my part).

      Also all of our comments are screen and place in a moderation queue until we see it so it won’t be visible until we approve it. ~James

    • According to their daum he was born in 92. I just went to double check.

      Though I did see just now also that their instagram has him listed at a 1991…so there’s that…I will look into it more to see if there is a different source that can confirm one of these two numbers!
      ~ Manwon^^

      P.S – I changed their profile because it does appear that he was in fact born in 91 and there was a typo on his daum cafe profile, but it could be the reverse and the company sent out the wrong picture for promotions…thank you for bringing this to our attention!
      ~ Manwon^^ (Sorry to spam you with replies)

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