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    • I can’t say for sure right now if any of the members are actually out or if they are doing a round of Chinese promotions without a member for one reason or another – as of right now their instagram still says 4 members, the instagram still follows all four girls and all four girls still follow each other on instagram and sadly the group just isn’t popular enough for any new articles to really be released regarding this – I will keep an eye out on the situation, and updated if/when I can
      ~ Manwon^^

      ***Just an update – Gabin has a rare disease where she is missing cartilage which makes it near impossible for her to dance, there are surgeries that can be done, but no guarantee that the surgery will help – the company is trying to figure out the next step with Six Bomb and Gabin (they were supposed to have a comeback in February, but the discovery of the disease has changed a lot)***

      • Oh no, that’s heartbreaking!! Where did you guys see this? I wondered where Gabin was, I was also thinking she left at first since nothing was said about it on IG or Facebook unless I missed it. I really hope Gabin will be okay regardless. This makes me think of when a J-Pop idol had to withdraw her group due to her ankle being easy to fracture. It makes me realize how lucky I am just to be healthy. 😦

      • I found it in a news article using naver just typing in Six Bomb and Gabin – it is always heartbreaking when someone suffers from that type of injury or is forced to leave a group because of something beyond their control
        ~ Manwon^^

  1. I Sol is a former member of I-Ren. If you go look on her instagram, she took a selca in the set for I-ren’s music video. She went by Lee Jin in I-Ren

    • We cannot use that picture as proof, no where does it mention that the photo was for I-Ren’s video, it could have been a for a photo shoot. Korea is not very original in the sets that they use. And Lee Jin is a very common name. As we have said many times before we cannon base things off of a name and a face. We need something concrete, and any of the articles that Six Bomb put out when she was announced only mentioned her time on a survival program. ~ James

      • Oh come on. Same name, same face, same location, same singing voice, that photo was from August 2016 which was when I-Ren debuted, same pronounced eyebrows, same hair color (there are even some pics where she has short hair with faded blue tips. She had longer blonde hair with blue tips in I-Ren)