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  1. I Sol is a former member of I-Ren. If you go look on her instagram, she took a selca in the set for I-ren’s music video. She went by Lee Jin in I-Ren

    • We cannot use that picture as proof, no where does it mention that the photo was for I-Ren’s video, it could have been a for a photo shoot. Korea is not very original in the sets that they use. And Lee Jin is a very common name. As we have said many times before we cannon base things off of a name and a face. We need something concrete, and any of the articles that Six Bomb put out when she was announced only mentioned her time on a survival program. ~ James

      • Oh come on. Same name, same face, same location, same singing voice, that photo was from August 2016 which was when I-Ren debuted, same pronounced eyebrows, same hair color (there are even some pics where she has short hair with faded blue tips. She had longer blonde hair with blue tips in I-Ren)

        Tell me that’s not the smae girl.

      • We have been over this a million and a half times. If you don’t like then I don’t know what else to say. I can’t tell that its not the same girl, but I can’t tell you it is the same girl either. ~ James.

    • It does look like the added a new member, we unless the group comeback before Manwon^^ returns we will probably not be able to update the profile until September. ~ James

      • That girl in the article really looks like Lee Jin, from the girl group I-ren, who debuted with the song “Butt” I didn’t see a profile of them, but Lee Jin is or was a member, and apparently all of the members of i-ren has left, a recent fancam only had Boyoung in it with 3 new girls (just what I think they could just be on a hiatus) but Lee Jin probably left, since she is a new member of Six Bomb, I don’t understand korean that much, but I can see her name in the article (이진은)

      • We do not have a profile for I-Ren. The article says that Six Bomb’s new member was on KPop Star season 1 and came in the top 10. That is all we know about her for now. ~James

    • Sorry it took so long to respond, We have been super busy and backed up. We should have the groups pictures and info fully updated in the next few days though. ~James

    • We know that they are coming back with 2 new members. But right now all we have is that one group pic and the new members names. We are waiting til we at least know which member is which before we update anymore. It shouldn’t be too much longer because if I remember the article correctly thier comeback is next week. ~ James

    • I have no clue how you want us to verify that – Six Bomb has given us no birthday, and that site is a fan run site – so we can’t do anything with the information given to us.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Maybe when they start promotions, the will tell us her birthday. If it matches up, it’s the same person because they have the same name (Kim Da Young) and look the same.

  2. I recently saw the updates to Six Bomb’s profiles, where did you find this information? I never knew Soa was Hyejin, that’s awesome!

    Also, it seems Dain might actually be the same Kim Dayoung from S The One 🙂 I’m not sure if it’s worth noting in her past credits, but S The One has one MV for “Die For Me”, not sure if it released though.

    • Someone brought it to our attention that the two looked a like, and we did a lot of digging but managed to figure it out.

      As for Dain, we will mention it, but I can’t find anywhere beyond a single fan stating that they are the same girl – and unfortunately that is not enough for us to go on for updating that information – especially with a name as popular as Kim Da Young being our only lead.

      ~ Manwon^^