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  1. Weird question to anyone who sees this: Does anyone have any idea what happened to “Hello” by LAYSHA? It’s listed here as their second single, they uploaded this video but I’ve never seen it in any stores for purchase. Does anyone know if it was available in the past or if it was just shelved altogether?

    • I don’t know. My guess is that either it was scrapped because of the line-up change, or it was just used to promote the 360*VR function of YT videos, but the company doesn’t list Hello as part of their discography either. So I’m guessing it was never available, and the official second single was “Chocolate Cream” ~James

  2. Why do you guys not make a profile for Bambino? Bambino released a new music video and they’re in the same company as Laysha.

    • Bambino is a girl group that I have moral objections to – I don’t approve of a group who’s claim to fame is not wearing underwear in their short shorts and skirts – so we won’t be making a profile for them. We had made Laysha’s profile before we realized that they also had the same purpose.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • But their new song isn’t about not wearing their short shorts. It’s actually fun and catchy and even kinda cute. Compared to Chocolate Cream, Moonlight Shower is nothing.

      • It’s not the song meanings I object to…it’s the way the company and they promote themselves. It goes against everything I try to be as a woman…they aren’t owning their sexuality they are selling it. I do apologize if that offends anyone, but even teenagers here in Korea seem to know that about this group. And I don’t want to promote females in that way
        ~ Manwon^^

      • I must ask this; what exactly is so wrong with how they go about being a group? I believe your site is to inform people of idols and groups, and if you don’t follow through just because they don’t wear underwear, then quite frankly, that’s ridiculous AND selling short on why you love said you’d do.

        that aside, how they go about being a group has NOTHING to do with you and nothing to do with me. what they choose to do, as a concept or in the acceptance and couragesness that is their own as women, doesn’t mean you can brush off what they are as a group that makes music. they’re a k-pop group, through and through, no matter what they wear. you should follow through on the words of your site and make a profil to educate people who want to be educated on Bambino, and can’t find that info anywhere else

      • So, I want to address the point you bring up here to talk about why we are not adding Bambino.

        We do want to inform people about idols – but how any group market themselves (i.e. wearing or not wearing underwear) greatly affects how the majority of Koreans (i.e. my teenage students) view the legitimacy of a group. Also, as for selling short on what we do – if I sell short on my ideals, and my beliefs, then I truly am selling everyone short – I will not compromise my ideals just for a hobby – that is the highest level of selling short I can imagine.

        How they go about being a group has everything to do with me – as a woman – and everything to do with how society views being a woman. If this is something you can not relate to that is fine, but it is something that is very important to me. How society views women in general literally defines how I move in society. My problem isn’t with women celebrating their bodies – that is what women should do – Bambino does not celebrate their bodies, they sell their bodies – which doesn’t make what they’re doing courageous – it makes it cheap.

        As for brushing them off – I don’t view them as a legitimate group in the industry. If they were legitimate they wouldn’t need to sell themselves short in such a way as to sell their bodies instead of displaying their music, their talents, and even celebrating their bodies. There is a line as to what makes a group a group, and what makes them a cheap marketing trick, this group has crossed it, making them not a kpop group.

        For following through on our words, we are. We have never skipped a group just because we didn’t feel like, or it was inconvenient to make a profile. We have legitimate reasons to not make profiles when we don’t make them – Bambino is no exception to that.

        And if other sites don’t have Bambino my guess is other sites also don’t view this group as legitimate either – but you are more than welcome to ask other sites to make a profile for Bambino. We will not sell ourselves, or our kpopinfo114ers, short on this matter however. I hope I have addressed all of your concerns regarding this group, and have been able to adequately explain why we are not making a profile for them here.

        ~ Manwon^^

      • I was trying to reply to your long thoughtful comment below, but I couldn’t figure out how to, but:
        *stands up and slow claps*