18 comments on “Day6

    • We know…unfortunately I just woke up that was announced while we here in Korea were sleeping. We will update their page soon. Please be patient as this news is also incredibly upsetting for us ~ James

    • This happened in the middle of the night Korean time, we were sleeping. We do request patience for news like this. We did get the page updated now. I am absolutely gutted over this, Day6 are one of my favorite groups and news like this is just terrible
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I appreciate that ~ I would love to know Young K’s real name – however we are really strict here at kpopinfo114 about how and where we find our information that we post on our site. We only add information we an confirm with official sources (our FAQ has a list of what we consider official sources to be) – if you have a link to the source of this information and it is an official source – we will gladly add it. Sorry we can’t do more to update the profile at this time ~ but again, if you have a source and can send us the link it would be greatly appreciated! And then we can get the information up!
      ~ Manwon^^

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