19 comments on “Unicorn

    • Thanks for the link, it took me a bit to update because I was waiting for their live-stream to see what was said since I had never heard of their company and their content seemed to be fan-sitish, but after watching the live stream I can confirm that at least she has left Unicorn, and based on Rumi’s previous posts on IG I do believe that Unicorn has disbanded. When she releases her solo music I will make a solo profile for her. ~ James

    • Do you have a source, because If your talking about Rumi’s instagram post. Her post can be read as either, She has left the group and therefore her activities as a member are ending, or that the group is done. Its not very clear and the company has not clarified. But it is a big difference if a member is leaving and if the group is disbanded. ~ James

  1. People are saying that Winnie just is on a hiatus and not on a leave, but I’m not sure. I hope it’s just a hiatus!! Also they said that they’ve been preparing a comeback for half a year, any recent news on then anybody?!

  2. Rumi use to be part of a girl group called Purplay, if you look up Purplay then you should see it’s no joke C;

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