12 comments on “MAS (formerly M.A.S 0094)

    • While I can verify the accounts, and it does seem likely that they are now under RBW, I can find no announcement or anything about no longer being an independent group or changing their names. It looks like they are preparing for a new release soon so hopefully we’ll have a solid answer soon, but for now we will leave their page as is. ~James

  1. is this group still together, or are they under RBW now or…? on produce 101 it said dongmyeong was under RBW so now i’m wondering if it goes for the whole group or just him. and if it applies to just him, then what’s the status with the group?

    (irrelevant sidenote: i just listened to their song ‘starlight’ and a song has never put me in as good of a mood as this one did. it’s just so nice and calming and wow aghfhgh i’m amazed.)

    • They are still together, Dongmyeong has always been signed to RBW seperately from the rest of the group. He went on a hiatus to participate in produce 101, but the group was cheering him on. ~James

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