17 comments on “INX

  1. Jinam said in his insta live on the 30th of November that the members all went their separate ways ToT most people already knew because they weren’t active but it still breaks my heart </3 i loved them so much ToT
    i wish at least the entertainment would say something about it :/

    • Unless you have a link to an actual video I can’t update this, and I know that will be difficult since instagram doesn’t save live videos like YT and FB. But I do need an official source ~ James

  2. Do you guys know if they’re debuting on August 8th 2016 for sure? It was on their Twitter hopefully it’s true:)♡

  3. Okay. Thank you! I was hoping that maybe they were just working things out and would be able to debut, and I am just as bummed as you are. I would have loved to see Haekeun and Taekyuk again. Maybe things will happen later on. It’s just strange for them to have disbanded before even debuting, but it’s understandable. I’m sure the industry is tough to stay in…Thank you for the info, and I will hope to see them again sometime<3

    • Unfortunately groups are formed and disband all the time before debut all the time. I am crazy about Demion so when Haekeun announced INX I was on cloud nine, now its a rainy day. TT_TT From the looks of Haekeun’s SNS the members may try to stick together, but we never know. ~James

      • Yeah, it’s always sad when bands don’t have the chance to debut, and I hope they will be able to stick together and debut. Thank you for the info<3.

    • Oh, you didn’t see that the profiles have been moved? This group won’t be debuting – they announced it on twitter that they won’t be able to debut. I am completely bummed by the news myself – and I hope that they are able to debut again sometime, even if it’s not together
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Thanks, I had read that earlier but we completely forgot about it. We got Taken and A-Prince added to the profile, however since Nu’bulity never debuted released any music or official Music Videos we didn’t add that information. We only add groups that have debuted/released music. We hope you understand. ~James

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