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  1. In the profile it says that B.C.H.S.S and L.U.B both don’t have any MV, but isn’t LO OK and Darling My Sugar considered as the units’ MVs?

    • Neither of those songs were released as part of the Unit’s discography but as part of DIA’s, which is why the mv’s are included in DIA’s discography. We did the same for all of the Seventeen pre-releases for their new album. ~ James

    • I can’t verify those, the group doesn’t follow them, nor do Chaeyeon or Huihyeon. I’m also highly suspicious that those are real, considering Yebin and Somyi are currently doing The Unit, and all of the participants had to hand in thier phones before entering the dorms, but have been active. ~ James

    • Do It Amazing is their debut album…but in interviews they stated DIA is short of Diamond hence why ot is pronounced like the beginning of Diamond and not the other popular way to say Dia
      ~ Manwon^^

    • At their debut it was announced by the group and MBK that DIA is short for Diamond
      I know their debut album was titled Do It Amazing – but I have never seen an official source say it stands for Do It Amazing, though I know many fan pages state that
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. On V App Today Eunice She’s introduced herself. She became new leader of DIA
    Chaewon new member stage name ‘Eunchae’

    • We got Chaewon added – but the news source you’ve provided only tells me her age – so I can verify she was born in 99…but I can’t verify her birth day
      Thank you for letting us know!
      ~ Manwon^^