13 comments on “Astro

  1. I noticed yesterday that ma lil’ baby, JinJin, released a solo Song, it’s true?
    If yes, then I’m proud of him😭😢

  2. Rocky (Park Min Hyuk) why did you have to be only 3 days younger than me? *I know most of you wouldn’t really mind this because you’re age gap is much more than mine*( I know shouldn’t really complain much about this when I see age gap between them and me. In any group ) Unless they are like 3 ish years getting on my age younger than me(this makes feel like I’m in with my younger brothers friends). And if they are older (I don’t really mind them being older than me unless it’s too much of a gap)

  3. Hi this is quite minor but I think it should still be changed. Their agency is Fantagio not Fantiago

  4. Just wanna say, Moon Bin’s real name is not Kim Moon Bin. It’s just Moon Bin. Cause he has a sister who’s name is Moon Suah. The Unpretty Rapstar 2 girl from YG^^

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