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  1. They all have Official Instagrams
    Chaekyung @yunvely_0824
    Chaewon @chaeni_0824
    Naeun @betterlee_0824
    Yena @sheepyn_0824
    Rachel @castlechel_0824
    Jinsol @truesol__0824

  2. I can’t believe how bad DSP is this year, First Kara, then AJAX looses a member as f that matters, they’ll never come back, and then Rainbow disbands, uff, and now April looses the pure innocence of the group, this is hell ;(

    • Somin felt the need to leave because she wanted to grow as a person, and thought she could do that better by leaving April – she wrote a letter to the fans explaining her decision.
      ~ Manwon^^

      • Also I can’t comment on D.HOLIC’s profile so I’m here again LOL D.Holic released a new song called Sally&Murphy, here’s the link: http://youtu.be/GmUHSlRAWpk, and also if you look up Chewy Chewy, they made that song as well so you can add that to their Discography and MV’s list. I love this site by the way 😀

      • Thanks for letting us know ~ James (who does the MV capping) is busy at work today, so please be patient for the update on Sally and Murphy ~ Also we already have Chewy listed on their discography and the MV capped ~ the company’s official English translation for the song is the singular “Chewy” not “Chewy Chewy”, so you can find it on our site as it is offiically marketed by the company under “Chewy”!
        Also, thank you for the wonderful comment! We love getting sweet comments like yours!
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Got it capped. I did have Chewy capped when it was first released, somehow I only added the information about that to one of our profiles for D.Holic and not the other, not sure why that happened but it did. Thanks for pointing that part out, its fixed now as well. ~James