11 comments on “#Gun

  1. Starship, posted about his mixtape on youtube, does this mean he is still under starship? I kind of hope so he was my favourite in no.mercy..

    • He’s definitely only a rapper – from what I remember of No.Mercy he was not a singer at all hahahahaha ~ if you’re curious about him I suggest watching the TV program No.Mercy – it was a program to form Monsta X – #Gun was a trainee at Starship, and he was one of the trainees that got cut at the very end (so you’ll get to see a lot of him up until the end)
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. He’s a trainee under Starship Entertainment (i don’t know if he’s still a trainee or now). He almost debut with MONSTA X but failed during the final survival game. He sang this song during his first survival performance for No Mercy.

    • Yes, James and I both obsessively watched No.Mercy ~ and we both were extremely upset that #Gun was cut. He’s listed as independent here because we don’t know if is still at Starship or not, there are a lot of rumors about his whereabouts right now – we only know that he independently released his song for download.

      • Yes, I am aware of his single. I’m also still searching for some info about his where about right now since he was eliminated at the final round of the survival show. As far as I know, he’s still in touch with other trainees. Seokwon, Yunho, Yunsoo and Minkyun.

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