13 comments on “Asha

  1. In their Facebook the company deleted everything about ASHA and replaced it with NARA’s informations so I guess that’s the end

    • I have seen that we are looking into if asha is still a group or it is only Nara now. I’m leaning towards they disbanded but…were going to wait a little more and see

    • I have suspicions that the group is done, since they have only posted about Nara for the past year, but one of the articles that they shared says “걸그룹 아샤 출신 나라…” which translates to “Nara from girl group Asha” or “literally “Nara, native from girlgrou Asha.” The group wasn’t popular enough to use that the get her individual popularity, and it wouldn’t help her to advertise a failed group, and the article only mentions that she debuted as a member. Their FB has changed their name to be 아샤-나라 so I am guessing either Asha is done and she is now a solo, or they are giving her a solo and going to try and re-brand Asha around Nara as what seems to be the only remaining member. For now unless there is more solid confirmation I am going leave Asha where they are and add Nara’s solo album as a “sub-unit” ~ James

  2. In Spotify there’s song ‘Love(Made in the vibe)’ released this year. Does it belongs to their actual discography or is it some kind of project etc. song?

    • There was actually another group named Asha with a different hangul spelling 에이샤 from 2014. That song is their song not the group Asha (아샤). I can confirm they are 100% different groups since both Asha’s released different songs in 2015. So “Love (Made in the Vibe)” belongs to a completely different group with the same name.
      ~ Manwon^^

  3. Nara is the only original member now. The rest left and 3 were added to replace them. Their names have not been announced yet… My source is their Philippines Fanpage on Facebook that is connected with Asha.

  4. Did they disband? Their Twitter hasn’t been updates since December last year and it’s almost 7 months since then. I hope not

  5. Asha with FameUs will soon have their Philippine Concert Tours (SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER). Three major concerts were already line up in Manila and Davao and another key city here in the Philippines. To all their fans and supporters help us promote this big event.

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