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    • Please check their homepage – where it is clearly stated under Jihyo’s profile that her name is Park Ji Hyo. We’ve had multiple comments about this, but we only base our information off of officially released information. Her birth name may have been Jisoo, but she clearly now uses Jihyo has her real name.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • Many Koreans who have the last name 임 will romanticize it as Lim because that is actually closer way of pronouncing the name than Im – so the romanticization of the name was simply done to match the more common way to romanticize the family name. And we found all of the girl’s real names on their homepage.
      ~ Manwon^^

  1. I thought Jungyeon was Gong Seungyeon’s lil’ sister…. shouldn’t Jungyeon’s familyname be Gong then, not Yoo? Or am I mistaken about something?

    • Gong Seungyeon is using a stage name, Gong is not her real family name and they are definitely sisters. It happens often with actors and actresses that they change their family name or adapt a completly new stage name. – Katie

      • Yeah she seemed really nrevous. She seems like she is the least fluent in speaking Korean (she spoke in Chinese in her introduction video and now sang a Chinese song), so that may add to her insecurities. But I really hope she can overcome it and joining the major group 🙂 – Katie

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