46 comments on “Cupid

  1. Dohee revealed on Instagram she is making a comeback today as Blue Berry! The new single is called “It’s You”. 🙂

  2. Hey, I think Nanayuri is out (again). All the girls have posted pictures with just the three of them on instagram and Nanayuri deleted all of her pictures from when she was a member of Cupid.

  3. Cupid has added two new members to the group, this photo is from Bona’s Facebook! One of the new members is Sopia, her Instagram is: sopiahyem and the other is Junhee, ex Pocket Girls and Scarlet, her Instagram is: solh2e and she’s in a recent photo with Sopia on Instagram and Nanayuri and Bona have recently began following them. They also did their first livestream as Cupid together, I’ve seen photos from it they’re tagged in but I haven’t found a copy of that yet.

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BSAxGs7gvBK/?taken-by=sopiahyem – Photo of Sopia and Junhee together.

    • We will get that updated – and I know how much you always research everything before you send us information, so I always really appreciate that! Thank you
      ~ Manwon^^

      • You’re very welcome, I’m happy to help! I’m glad someone else figured out Seolyi, I saw one girl on the cover looked different but I had no idea who she was. I did some research, the only promotions this release got was two articles I found mentioning its release. It’s a very weird release, two covers.. but eh, I suppose it beats nothing at all.

  4. Nanayuri is still in the group. Look at their official facebook page. Only Bona and Nanayuri remain it seems. On the bright side, they will be collaborating with Rion Five!

    • She has, it appears, returned to the group, but she had left the group prior to her recent come back. And we did see the collaboration with Rion Five – which is very exciting

    • Thanks ~ we knew about Amin – I was waiting to hear back from their company about Yera and that whole situation before updating their page – their staff is super sweet. Anyways – thank you for sending the links and the instagram! We go the page all updated finally!
      ~ Manwon^^