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    • From what I know, Chaea had a leg injury shortly after the Simply K-Pop taping and, about a few days after left Pocket Girls, sort of in the same sense as LuA left Badkiz after the car accident. Chaea isn’t updating her IG right now but she responds to fans via DM.

  1. ChaeA is no longer a Pocket Girls member. Selyn confirmed it in her isntagram to a Brazilian fanbase account! You can see the information on “Pocket Girls Brasil” page on Facebook. I love them, even if you hate to update their profile, plz, don’t give hate to them ❤

    • We don’t accept fanbase accounts. But Once the group confirms it and adds another new member to the group I will update, even though I hate updating their profile. It’s great that you love them and great that they have fans, but we are all entitled to our opinions and mine is hate. ~ James

      • you’re right james. if we dont like someone/something, so we hate. we love or we hate, that’s it and its a opinion. its different of going to their SNS and calling them ugly, b**ches, or telling them that their group isnt good, this is trolling. i hate a lot of groups, but i just ignore them, i never went to their SNS to call sh*t of them. they dont even know i hate their groups lmao. there’s TYPES of hate. i feel you james.

      • Yeah, I do not agree with trolling at all, it serves no purpose, expressing love/like/dislake/hate is fine but I would never tell any of the members of Pokets Girls I hate them, because I don’t hate them personally, really I hate the way Miss Dica takes care of the group because there is no reason a group should have this many line-up changes. I feel bad for the girls because they don’t seem to be well taken care of by their company, and I can’t believe Yeonji has not walked away. She is the only original member of this group ~ James

      • When I look at Pocket Girls, I think of Monika in Badkiz and how she stays when everyone else doesn’t. To be honest, I just wonder how long Yeonji or Habin will stay. Yeonji’s got an amazing voice, she could do so much better on her own.. but I’m with you there, I hate their agency.

      • I also hate Badkiz because of how terrible their company is. Both groups are pretty good about announcing things, but within a month of any comeback there is always a line-up change, and its almost worse for Badkiz, because Monika has been on several programs attempting to bring attention to the group. Pocket Girl’s company has hardly done anything. If I wouldn’t stay in either group with how bad their companies seem to be. (I wouldn’t be in any group because I believe all companies are corrupt and I could not handle the idol lifestyle)

  2. Pocket Girls’s official YouTube has updated with the recent concert. The new photos now feature them as a trio, at the same time, Chaea deleted “Pocketgirls Chaea” from her IG and their performance at Simply K-Pop was not broadcast this week as planned..

    From the looks of it, Chaea has also left. Damnit.. this comeback is ruined.

    • I saw that already, and already had my meltdown about how much I hate this group, but I’m going to wait, because if she is out (Which im pretty sure she is) in three days they will start posting pictures of yet another girl, and I want to minimize how many times I have to update their f*cking profile. Part of me thinks that they aren;t going to do anything about it until after their Simply Kpop performance airs. ~ James

  3. Minchae has left Pocket Girls, their new member is Serin.

    IG: 2__luv__0

    Just when I thought they were stable. 😦