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    • Seriously, I don’t know how much longer we can actually consider them a group, all they do change their line up. We will get that updated soon ~James

      • I did some digging and managed to find her Instagram, her name is Chaea and her Instagram is: chaeachu

        Yeah, it’s weird. The comeback was first set as an EP for 2015, then a digital single for fall 2016 and they recently stated their comeback date would be in the first half of 2017 but, since Yina dropped out, I’d imagine it’s pushed back again. Not to mention they’ve re-recorded “Bbang Bbang” about 5 times now, one of those times which was actually uploaded to their YouTube as a one year anniversary thing. It’s so sad, Junhee’s vocals in it were perfect.

  1. Pocket Girls updated their Facebook today, Soyoon and Junhee have left the group and a new member has been added, though they didn’t state her name, but I did find her Instagram since she comments on a lot of the member’s posts recently and even has a photo in their dance studio, her IG is ryuyina, not exactly sure if that counts for her name. Very odd they didn’t announce her name or anything, they usually do.

  2. Today, Pocket Girls posted videos of their latest concert and Soyoon appears to have left the group. She hasn’t appeared on stage with them since earlier this month and now a new version of “Bbang Bbang” was recorded with Min Chae taking over the position as rapper.

  3. At an event today, Pocket Girls introduced their newest member, Min Chae. JuA wasn’t with them, so I’d assume this means JuA is officially out of Pocket Girls.

    **edited to remove an uncredited photo from an unofficial source**

    Her Instagram is: min_chae000

    Soyoon posted a photo with the new member of her instagram as well. :/

    • First thank you for letting us know about Min Chae!

      Also, I moved JuA because the evidence does seem to point to her being out, but she also just graduated from high school and is now in college, so she could just be taking a break while she gets started in college – without an announcement all I can do it guess what she is doing.

      Thank you again for letting us know about Min Chae!
      ~ Manwon^^

      • I’ll get a new group picture and better picture of Min Chae when I have time…which should be tonight…hahaha my life is chaotic right now…but thank you for letting us know and sending the link along!!!! I super appreciate it
        ~ Manwon^^

        p.s. I have seen your Laysha comments and will get to them I promise! I have just not commented on them so I don’t forget to update their page ~ you’ve been a super help with them! So thank you again for Laysha!

      • You’re very welcome, I’m happy to help 🙂 and thank you all for helping us all keep up with these artists with this wonderful website! I hope everything is okay and gets better in your personal life soon! I know the feeling, my life has been petty chaotic too, hehe.. ^_^”

        As for JuA, I wanted to mention that Miss Dica mentioned in Min Chae’s announcement on the Pocket Girls Facebook page that she joined following a member’s withdrawal, this obviously talking about JuA, so it is finally confirmed that JuA has left. 😦 They also mention a new Pocket Girls release, with a sentence saying something about a “second album”, so I’m hoping this line-up holds together for a comeback 🙂

    • Unfortunately that site is a fan run site and we cannot use it as a source for our website. I have still been unable to find an official source that states that JuA is out of Pocket Girls.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • I can’t find anywhere that this announcement has been made. If you could send a link to the announcement that would be helpful – because even by JuA’s instagram it still seems like she is in the group. So your help finding the source would be great!
      ~ Manwon^^

  4. Hey, just thought I’d mention two things!

    A popular Pocket Girls fan page on Instagram claims that Pocket Girls will be making a comeback soon and are planning to add a new member. Either way, an article did release recently and repeatedly comments on Pocket Girls being a 3 member group, so I’m pretty sure Suyeon isn’t coming back.

    In other news, Danal Entertainment, Pocket Girls’s company, has debuted a new girl group called 4SOME. (Awesome name, right?) Their debut single is “A.D.A.” (A Dangerous Action).


    *EDITED BY KPOPINFO114 Due to length*

    • We did see that they came back and we have them on our request, we are planning a profile for them, but since the group was requested after we closed the requests we have them prioritized lower at the current moment. We will get them added when we can. ~James

    • News articles have excluded her from mention in their articles when talking about Pocket Girls. The company has not confirmed anything from what I can find though – as of now I am taking her exclusion from news articles of her being left out is that she is out of the group.

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