11 comments on “Oh My Girl [OMG]

      • As a Miracle, I feel really sad because I don’t think OMG will be the same without her but I think that if it’s for her health, then it’s okay. She couldn’t stay in the industry with the illness and it will be better for her to take care of everything that is happening.

    • I have not seen any recent news about her. The most recent thing I have seen is that she had posted a letter letting fans know that she was doing better. WM is pretty good about letting fans know when something major happens to their groups so as far as I know they are still planning on her coming back to the group, but her health is way more important than Oh My Girl so I hope that she doesn’t come back if she is not ready to. ~James

    • When we find a way to add an extra 10 hours to a day we will be able to update more quickly. Right now is just a very busy time both for our real lives and in the idol world. We are trying we just dont have the time. Please be patient we have not forgoton and we are no ignoring the groups. We are just trying to do everything and stay healthy and sane at the same time. ~James

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