44 comments on “HINT (Formerly: Turan)

  1. This might be an impossible request that you don’t have to fulfill, but do you happen to know their former member Lian’s Instagram? I was watching their old fancams as Turan and got nostalgia, she was always my favorite back then lol

    • Unfortunately, if its not listed on the master list then I don’t know it. Its to much to keep up with and to verify former members accounts (I can barely keep up with the active groups accounts) ~ James

  2. Their new song Walkie-Talkie came out but the MV is very awkward. Their former member U is in all of the scenes except she is no longer a member of HINT, and random clips of ByeolA were added throughout the MV to fill her place. The song is great though 😉

    • It appears like it is, they had not released her birthyear any where else after she joined the group which is why we didn’t have one for her, thanks for the link ~ James

  3. HINT have a new member named Byeol-A and U is out.. why is it the rookies I follow that are falling apart? I tell ya, I owe you all an apology, it’s that curse I have still following me where whoever I pick as a bias leaves. It’s followed me from J-Pop to K-Pop. xD

    • So I can blame you for all of the different groups being pains in the butts? hahahahha Your like my mom and rock musicians, only she had it worse, anytime she really loved someone they died.

      I will update HINT’s profile with the new member and U being out when the group finishes releasing all the members teaser picture for their new mini album~ James

      • Haha, it feels like it! I think I killed Pocket Girls, no joke. I was addicted to “Bbang Bbang” in 2015 and biased SeA first. She left. No big deal. Started liking Suyeon, she left. Biased JuA next, then Junhee, then Minchae, then Chaea after Minchae left. I’m so scared to bias Yeonji, she doesn’t deserve this. xD

      • My godness I think the same abut girlgroups flops, all my bias All my bias left, and I had thought that I “killed” Pocket Girls and 9muses looool

  4. I think U left ;/ Their official Instragram page unfollowed her, and her Instagram @hint_u doesn’t exist anymore ;/