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    • From the letters that Steelo, Kain and Baekjin posted they all say their contracts have been canceled, Wontak was still be at the company last I checked, so the company may end up trying to remake Underdog focused around Wontak, or Steelo may have taken their Facebook back (since the account seems to only promote him) and is going to try and do a F.Cuz thing, so this could end up becoming a giant clusterf*ck, not that this group wasn’t one from the moment we made their profile. ~James

  1. so im not sure what this is all about exactly but it seems to be a new group with karin and jiwoo? so im not sure what that means about karins place in underdog if that’s true. also i’m not sure who exactly the other three are and if they’re maybe members of underdog?? but hey jiwoo is back…. 8D

    • Your timing freaks me out…I just sent that exact picture to James telling her I hope they both finally found a group to stay in. It’s a new group based on the hashtags so we’ll get a profile up when I have time to get the other members’ info. Right now I am trying to get a few other profiles up and will be able to focus on them after that ~ but seriously your timing freaks me out! Hahahaha
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. you’re missing chungwan’s profile who was a member of them he was the main rapper n jiro n hook left their page says “스틸로,시율,가온,야쿤,용진”

    • All of their official profile information still includes Jiro as a member of the group – this includes their profile pages on both their official naver blog and their official daum cafe – until Jiro is removed from those pages, or an official announcement is made about Jiro leaving we are unable to confirm that he has left the group ~ As for Hook, he still has being part of Underdog on his own facebook page, which is why we haven’t removed him from this page as well. When doing research for Underdog I never came across a member Chungwan, but I will look into it and see what I can find. If you have any links to official sources that have been updated with profile info after February of this year which shows that Jiro and Hook are no longer in the group I will definitely update the page!

      I hope you understand why we can’t move the two members at this time. And of course we always greatly appreciate any help we can get to keeping our profiles as up to date and accurate as possible ~ we just need to be able to verify all information before updating pages!

      ~ Manwon^^

      • I am glad that you gave us their new official facebook – yesterday when I went to check everything I noticed their facebook wasn’t working. As for the fan cafe – in their profile section of the fan cafe they still include Jiro’s profile there, and their blog still includes Jiro’s profile. While I can see from the facebook pictures that he doesn’t appear to be in the group – so I hope you can understand both my confusion and hesitation to move his profile to “former member”. We are not trying to make this difficult, it is just the process we use to update pages.

        As for Chungwan and Miru, we don’t use fan run sites as sources of information for our site, though I can find Chungwan’s facebook and twitter, so I have been able to confirm he was part of Underdog. I will keep working to confirm Miru.

        We do hope you understand that we try very hard to fact check before changing anything, and smaller groups who update some pages and don’t update other makes it very difficult to do so. We try our hardest to keep all of our pages up to date, and fact checked. It frustrates us sometimes too when we want to be able to make changes but find we can’t because there’s been no official statement released. Please be patient with us as we try to confirm everything thoroughly.

        ~ Manwon^^

  3. Oh, I’m sorry. Dont mind my first comment.

    They are 6 members now: Yakun, Yongjin, Gaon, Siyul, Stillo and Hook 🙂

    Jiro left the group i dont know why. And about Hook, He did not left the group he told me he wasn’t participate on their new song but he is still member of Underdog 😀

    I dont have any link of that information the members told me that 🙂 Just follow their twitter or their faceboook account.

    • On their facebook on February 8th they still mention Jiro as part of their group, and there have been no updates since then regarding Jiro leaving their group, plus Jiro is still listed as a member on their daum cafe and on their naver blog, so until they update with Jiro having left we will regard as Jiro as part of the group ~ We hope you understand why we are doing this
      ~ Manwon^^