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    • On IG it looks like Hwa Jung celebrated her birthday on the 10th of May, I can’t figure out if because of time differences that fan wished her happy birthday on the 10th in their time zone but the 11th in Korea, or if she celebrate3d her birthday a day early, so I can’t update that. ~ James

  1. EJ did an Instagram Live where she confirmed that she left & is now working as a model (hence the new IG), she’s also apparently been blocking people who continue to tag her in D.Holic-related posts so I’m not sure what’s going on but she’s clearly out of the group

    • EJ is out too?! I think that’s why she finally revealed her face on Instagram even though she was supposed to wait until the comeback, such a shame, they even did make a new song as D.Holic and they only performed it once with the two new members, not judging her for leaving, their new company is really bad at promotions, but I’ll miss her dearly ;/

    • They never once mention Holica as their fanclub name in that video. They refer to to it as “all our fans” but never use a specific fanclub name in the video.
      ~ Manwon^^

    • That song has not been officially released yet, according to that video it is also their song to promote the Olympics next year, so we would not add it into their discography anyways. Nowhere in the official description or in the video itself does it mention who the members of the group currently are, and Star Road still has not said anything about that. There is nothing we can do still. ~James

    • We cannot do anything with that. I have been checking their page daily to see if they have announced the new members because I know they have new members. I have watched every video that they have posted everything. We cannot first say that Ha Mi is out based on the videos, neither she nor the company has yet to say anything, Hwa Jung was easy because she said “I’m out”. I know the group is preparing for a comeback, we may just have to wait because for now they no1 on their side is saying anything. ~James

      • As of right now we don’t even have confirmation that the two girls are going to be new members for D.Holic – for all we know they could just be filling in until new members can be found, though it does seem likely that they will be the new members – but we need a little more to go off of than a picture taken with a member of D.Holic to claim that she is a new member of the group. We will keep an eye on it
        ~ Manwon^^

      • Hami terminated her contract right after Color Me Rad promotions if I’m not wrong, that’s why she was absent from the group that whole time. She is trying to pursue a solo career under another company

      • Do you have a source for that? We cannot move her without that. If not we just have to wait for the group to comeback and home that the company says something. ~James

  2. Hwa Jung announced on her twitter that she has left the group. Ha Mi is also suspected to have left the group. I couldn’t find an offcial source though. But she hasn’t been seen with the group in a while now and the only updates on their (shared) social media are on Rena and EJ. A picture has also been released with two new girls, whose names are unknow at this point and Ha Mi wasn’t in there, like Hwa Jung.

    • We saw Hwa Jung’s announcement on Instagram about a week ago, and updated one of the pages, I don’t know why this one didn’t get updated. We are not movie Ha Mi yet because there has been now word from her or the company saying that she left the group, all we have is the one picture from a poster as “proof”. We do not update information based on speculation like that. Hopefully the group will either make an announcement soon, or have a comeback soon and then be forced to make an announcement. ~James