23 comments on “Kiwi Band M (formerly: Kiwi Band / Kiwi)

    • We are not touching the Kiwi Band line-up until they release an album and are treating that as a re-debut and everything else as a pre-debut team. They have changed their line-up 6 times since the year started. ~James

      • Yeah they have changed their homepage for Kiwi Band to reflect all of the member changes (except to the one that matches the interview you linked us to last night), but they have yet to update D.Holic’s page its super frustrating. ~James

    • This video is a performance from when Bella and Woo-U toured Japan as the Kiwi unit and isn’t considered an official MV, which is why we haven’t included it.

    • No, she is really styled more like a tomboy, but her make-up is really feminine. We guess its a similar situation to Amber from F(x). We were confused at first too but we watched a video of them introducing themselves. ~James

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