16 comments on “Monsta X

  1. It seems that you have cut the comments on the requests page so here I am 😀 Can you do girl group I.C.E under HS Entertainment? Please and thank you 😀

    • We have purposely closed the comments so that we could catch up. We ask that you wait until we make comments available to request again we will be ignoring any request that isn’t on that page.

    • We honestly don’t know what will happen with NU BOYZ, Though we don’t think they will end up debuting since 3 of them are in Monsta X and 1 didn’t make it. Our best guess is NU BOYZ was being used to promote the trainees before the NO.MERCY program aired.

    • First off, thank you for sending a link! and Thank you for passing on information.
      While we appreciate the information you shared, we can’t use it because the link the provided us is from a fan run site, and we do not use fan run sites for our information on this site ~ we only use official sources (i.e. company websites, official daum cafes, official facebooks, official twitters, and official instagrams, as well as straight from the persons mouth) – we only do this to ensure the most accurate information possible ~ we hope you understand our position on this
      ~ also, your comment has been edited because James and I have both been trying to avoid spoilers for the show No.Mercy, and we assume others have been too. So until sub-titles have been up and people have had time to watch it we aren’t allowing comments with the final line-up in them. We hope you understand our reasoning behind this as well, and aren’t offended that we edited your comment.
      ~ Manwon^^

  2. I.M real name is Lim Changkyun. He was ex-member of boygroup named nu’bility. He was born at January 26th, 1996.

  3. hi ^^ I want to add some informations 😉
    – Shownu -> Son Hyun Woo, 1992
    – Kihyun -> 1993
    – Minhyuk -> Lee Min Hyuk, 1993
    – #Gun -> 1994
    – Wonho -> Shi Ho Seok, 1992
    – Hyungwon -> 1994
    – Yoosu -> Kim Yoo Su, 1994
    – Kwangji -> 1993
    – Minkyun -> 1995

    • We really appreciate this information – and I have found this information before, but I have only ever managed to find it on fan run sites – we only use information coming from official sources (daum cafes, company websites, official facebooks and official twitters) If you have a link of where you found this information that would be great! If it came out on the last three episodes of No.Mercy I haven’t been able to watch them yet so I haven’t been able to change anything based on the show…but please do pass the link along to us if you have source for this information! We hope you understand why we aren’t able to change the information here just yet ~ but we really do appreciate your help!
      ~ Manwon^^

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